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Our Approach

"Candid and Unseen"

We do the exceptional job capturing the most candid and unseen events of our customers. We know how important for everyone to see those emotions. That's where we come in. When the video starts to roll, we make sure everything is unreserved and flawless. There's nothing quite like catching the fleeting and overlooked moments that we usually miss out on during the frantic eventful day.

"Pure and Natural"

We offer the unique perspective and add art in every angle of the story we capture making sure that it all comes pure and natural as we give value to our actors' personality. For us, there is no second take. captures priceless moments without disrupting the flow of your wedding day. We maintain our core values - grounded, raw and accurate.

"Stellar and cinematic"

We provide stellar and cinematic videos with high-end equipment combined with new editing techniques that portray the real story of your big day all in best quality.

Our Story

We take pride in our passion and humble beginnings, starting from a regular photographer for a few years and finally ventured to wedding film-making. Through photography expertise and experience, our people skills and as well as the art and creativity were refined.

Meet the Team

How did Tan Suezo Films become one of the leading wedding videography team in Mindanao? With a cool and great team behind it! With same passion and drive towards excellence in service and of quality. We are just an email or phone call away and we will help you every step to have your best wedding.

Tan Suezo

Owner / Head Videographer

With a passion into making videos. I am doing the best he can to give you the best wedding videos on your day.



Passionate with videos and photos



Loves being with his computer and editing

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