Urban-style Wedding Videography in Iligan City

Nestled in a vastly urbanized city in the Northern part of Mindanao, Philippines, wedding videos in Iligan City are now buzzing online capturing not just the perfect prenup and wedding day shoots but also, showcasing the quaintly Iligan.

Back then, it’s really hard to get perfect wedding films in Iligan. Although townie, many are holding back to explore the city for some reasons, and probably, because some misjudged the culture of the populace. Actually, many do not know that Iligan is the haven of diverse culture. The city itself is rich in natural resources and known as the city of the majestic waterfalls. The most popular is the Maria Cristina Falls which is the prime source of their electricity. Today, the influence of selfies and groupies with nature and adventurous places marks the rise of the wedding videographer in Iligan City. You’ll definitely admire how these group added value in the community and at the same time, helped boost the tourism.

Looking for a romantic, urban-style wedding videography in Iligan City? Well, there are plenty of places you must check-in. Get that breezy look on your prenup shots by chasing the sunrise in the mountains and stiff hills perfect also for group or couple trekking and camping. You can pair your shoes with furry or silky clothes which are the perfect combos for your theme. Don’t miss the day without heeding the call of the waterfalls, too. So, grab your slip-on or barefoot water shoes and achieve that outdoorsy-kind-of-prenup! Plan ahead as there are 23 waterfalls you can choose from such as the Maria Cristina,Tinago, Limunsudan, Guimbalolan, Kamadahan, Pindarangahan, Gata, Kibalang, Rogongon, Mimbalut, Dalipuga, Dodiongan, Kalubihon, Langilanon, Hindang, Pampam, Languyon, Linanot, Malinao, Abaga, Maligang, Malapacan and the Bridal Veil Falls. No worries, town areas and drop points are also accessible by any type of public transportation either jeepney, motorcycle or taxi. For more information, check out our portfolio and packages.

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